A case study with
Mike Tyson

Brand Identity

At SB Studios, we understand the critical role that brand identity plays in establishing a strong and memorable presence. In this case study, we delve into our collaboration with the legendary boxer Mike Tyson, where we had the privilege of creating a powerful brand identity that resonated with his iconic personality.

Logo Design

Our journey began by crafting a series of logo designs that embodied Mike Tyson's unique character and legacy. We meticulously studied his remarkable career, his unparalleled energy, and his indomitable spirit to distill these qualities into visual representations. Through a combination of bold typography, sleek lines, and powerful imagery, we created logos that captured the essence of Mike Tyson's brand. The logo designs we developed for Mike Tyson became instantly recognizable, forming a visual language that communicated strength, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of greatness.

Mike Tyson Collection Logo

Mike Tyson Lifestyle
Apparel Logo Mark

Mike Tyson Pro Gear Logo

Mike Tyson Pro Boxing Gear
Logo Mark

Mike Tyson Brownsville Bad Boy Logo

Brownsville Bad Boy Apparel Line
Logo Mark

Mike Tyson Iron Mike Logo

Comic Book Cover Apparel Line
Logo Mark


In addition to the logo designs, we extended Mike Tyson's brand identity to a line of custom apparel. Drawing inspiration from his iconic boxing career, we meticulously crafted designs that seamlessly integrated his logos into apparel pieces that exuded style and exclusivity. Each piece of custom apparel was a statement of individuality and a reflection of Mike Tyson's brand essence. From athletic wear to casual streetwear, we ensured that every garment showcased the powerful visual elements of his brand identity, making each item not only a fashion statement but also a symbol of his legendary status.

Tyson Foundation Button


Lil' RA Playing Card


RA Vector Image


RA Vector Image


RA Vector Image


RA Vector Image


RA Vector Image


RA Vector Image


RA Vector Image